Dear Dave,
I’m looking to purchase a replacement booth for my facility.  My current booth has a diamond plate steel floor that was painted.  The paint on the floor wore off really fast, now my floor is completely rusted out, and the diamond plate pattern is really hard on the equipment in the booth, like our chairs. Does your diamond plate work better?

Dear Mr. Ruff and Rusted,
I understand your concern.  Our booth proposal will include our standard floor, which is 11ga. steel plate, no diamond plate pattern.  The 11ga. steel is then covered with 1\8” thick x 19” square industrial rubber tiles with 4” base cove.  The floor covering is sealed to the 11ga. and the standard tile color is neutral black. The floor is protected and the surface is easy to clean and work with.

Dear Dave,
I want my booth to either have a real stucco or brick façade on it. Can you provide that, or prep for it? Our last booth came with plywood panels and the stucco never looked right on the sides.

Dear Mr. Surface Tension,
We do not provide our booths with factory-applied stucco, it is too fragile for shipping. We have provided prep for this on many booths. Our wall prep consists of expanded metal lath welded to the exterior wall, with J-metal closure trim pieces. Your on-site contractor can now simply come out and easily apply the stucco to the exterior, no need for him to add lath or the J-metal trim.

As for the brick, we can provide our booths with factory installed “Thin Brick”, which is real brick applied to a composite panel that we mechanically fasten to the booth walls and corners.  We then provide a 16ga. Galvanized steel sill cap with mitered corners painted to match the booth walls.  Or you can apply standard brick to the outside of our booth.  If you prefer finish this way, we will weld brick ties to the exterior at 16” on center and provide a 4” sill cap with mitered corners.

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