B.I.G. Has a Serious Response to Your Security Concerns–The Highest Level of Blast Resistance in the Industry

Blast Resistance—one of the post 9/11 security requirements in specific industries—presents a special manufacturing challenge. Working extensively with the leading ballistics engineers and suppliers of ballistic resistant materials to develop this technology, B.I.G. employs highly specialized materials such as fiberglass composites and armor-plated steel on their custom steel booths to achieve the highest level of blast resistance in the industry.

B.I.G.'s Blast and Bullet Resistant booth materials have been tested by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), H.P. White and/or Underwriters Laboratory (UL). Their ready-to-use booths can be built from Level 1 up to NIJ-IV and 50 caliber armor piercing. B.I.G. has also obtained a Blast Resistant certification on their manufacturing technique, a first in the industry.

Special features such as continuous stainless steel hinges on blast resistant doors enable them to support the armored weight and ensure easy handling without failure. B.I.G. has designed and perfected several gun ports allowing for large caliber weapons or small handguns. Both are easily operated and secure.

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