B.I.G. can offer a blast resistant booth for those areas subject to explosives such as C-4. Your fortress doesn't have to look like one to be one. B.I.G. has developed many ways to keep the area secure, yet pleasing to the eye. We do work for Special Forces departments, Smithsonian, nuclear plants, Washington D.C. locations, airports, chemical plants, and all divisions of the U.S. Armed Forces. For a request for quote, click here.


  The Commonwealth
Model #DSS770AS-BRT

The Fortress
Model #DSS5100AS-BR8

The Senate
Model #DS6120B-BR4

The Stainless Bullet



Custom Guard Booth
Model #DSS41040AS-BRE

High Security
Model #DC54120B

Bullet Resistant
Toll Booth
Model #HR612AS-BR3

The Warf Protector


The Convincer
Model #DSS770AS-BRS

Bullet Resistant
Border Controller
Model #DS4863B-BR3

Bullet Resistant
Entrance Controller
Model #DS8140B-BR3

Access Controller



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