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Protecting a Food Source for Hundreds of Millions:

A major agricultural firm turned to B.I.G. for a guard booth that would assure consumer confidence, FDA approval and combat criminal or terrorist infiltration.  They wrote, "This was no small matter, you delivered a week early and gave us the most value for the dollar."

B.I.G. takes care of guards

Guards often spend 12 horus in a prefab guard booth.  B.I.G. has your back with ADA restrooms, high quailty HAC for extreme weather, bullet and blast resistant options and ermonomically friendly interiors.

Special Shipping Rates


Our bundled shipping procedure allows for affordable shipping coast to coast.

Equipment Shelters for Costco

Costco’s Gasoline Operations Director writes, “B.I.G. prefab equipment shelters are durable and easy. We order them, they arrive and we plop them down.  It’s much cheaper to buy prefab shelters than to try to build them ourselves. B.I.G. understands harsh climates and builds accordingly.”

Protecting Facilities Critical to our Nation

A civil engineer for a power plant wrote, “We wanted our guard booths to be substantial and well done with excellent workmanship. We asked B.I.G. to go where many manufacturers can’t go.  Our B.I.G. portable buildings are outstanding.” Please browse our gallery where you will find innovative guard booths featuring customized steel construction and Critical Span Engineering.

NASA Receives Compliments for Their New Booth

One NASA laboratory stated, "We get compliments on our guard station from both employees and visitors on how nice it looks. Our new security station has everything we wanted and much more." B.I.G.’s assortment of pre-assembled buildings includes guard booths, cashier booths, portable buildings, bus shelters and tollbooths, as well as kiosks, prefab ready-to-plug-in buildings, and smoking shelters.  Read More



Check out over 100 booth models or ask for our 138-page catalog to be mailed directly to your desk.



Hardening the Perimeter:

The Role of the Guard Booth, Security Solutions and Best Practices–fourteen pages of technical expertise.


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